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Revising a 'Ring' Acetabular Cup?

The Ring cup was developed in the 1960s by Orthopaedic pioneer Peter Ring

He favoured an un-cemented design with a conical countersunk acetabular component with a long screw held in the iliopubic bar linked to a modified Austin Moore femoral stem.

He established the Orthopaedic and Emergency department at Redhill General Hospital (now East Surrey Hospital, close to the Echo Orthopaedics HQ and previous employer of directors Paul and Ollie).

We still observe a reasonable number of Ring cup revisions (more in West Sussex area than the north of England) and have successfully utilised the bolts and sliding hammer system from the Coremus® IM nail extraction system to engage with the prosthesis and aid the explant.

"Use Bolt p15 from Coremus or Bolt 28 from the older legacy Ipswich IM system''

Give us a call if you need to revise a ring cup, (or any uncemented cup) and we will have advice on the kits that you would enjoy having available for the surgery - we also have kits for stem removal, broken implants etc...

Removal of metalwork - its what we do.......

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