Echo Orthopaedics Ltd designs and manufactures instruments within the UK. 

We are proud to offer our Coremus® and Heritage® Instrument systems which have been specifically designed to ease the burden of metalwork removal during surgery.

Since formation in 2015 Echo Orthopaedics Ltd have designed the Heritage Systems and acquired the Coremus Systems to form a focused metalwork removal portfolio.


To date we have only used accredited UK manufacturers to produce our products to be assured on supply and quality, as well as peace of mind for our customers.


Coremus Systems - 

Coremus has been the "go to” system within the UK for over 20 years. 

The Coremus, Initially known as the ''Ipswich kit'', evolved during this time and was improved to now cover four specialities;

Coremus Intramedullary Nail Removal System

Coremus Broken Screw Removal System

Coremus Broken Implant Removal System

Coremus Bone Mill


Heritage Systems -

Heritage Femoral Stem Extraction System

Heritage Acetabular Cup Extraction System

It is important to us that we are continuously designing new products with the the aim to provide solutions to real needs.

Our company is small enough to be flexible and versatile whilst big enough to cope, which puts us at the forefront of exciting innovations and ventures.

Contact us for a chat, we are always happy to discuss how we can help you.

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