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Echo Orthopaedics provide Orthopaedic surgery centres with Orthopaedic Instruments used for removal of metalwork and implant revision surgery.

Our UK manufactured instrument systems include:

  • ‘Ipswich – Screw removal system– a comprehensive plate and screw removal system with a range of instruments for removing broken and damaged screws.

  • ‘Heritage Acetabular Cup Extraction’ - A Cup ex system used to explant uncemented acetabular components. Simple to use and guaranteed sharp and accurate blades every time.

  • ‘Heritage Femoral Stem Extraction’ -  A universal femoral stem extraction device for revising femoral stems combined with a flexible chisel set with unique blade designs.

  • ‘Coremus – IM Nail extraction’ The ‘go to’ system in the UK for removing IM nails of known and unknown origin – previously called Ipswich (early 90’s) but now has much improved capabilities.

  • ‘Coremus – Broken implant removal system’ – Utilise this for removing broken femoral and tibial nails and other broken implants.

  • Bone Mill – A traditional Orthopaedic bone mill for milling femoral heads for impaction grafting.

Echo Orthopaedics are solely focussed on removal of metalwork and 1st stage revision surgery – we are the UK specialists for instrument systems for removal of metalwork procedures.

We focus our energies on being the ‘go to’ company for metalwork extraction.

You can call on us to ask ‘‘How to remove a broken screw in the ankle?, how to remove femoral nail that is 25 years old?, how to extract a broken femoral implant, What is this implant and what can I use to revise it?’’


Our kits are used across the UK in NHS and independent sectors for total hip replacement revision surgery, removal of femoral, tibial and humeral nails, removal of damaged and broken screws  and so much more – take a look at this theatre list and see how we can help you….

''the metalwork extraction company''

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