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IPSWICH Screw Removal System

We are delighted to inform our customers that Echo Orthopaedics has reinstated the IPSWICH brand for our screw removal system.

The IPSWICH system was in service until 2009 when it was then improved, expanded and rebranded to become Coremus IM Nail Removal and the Coremus Damaged Screw Removal Systems.

Today we have customers who are still using, and referring to, the IPSWICH System, which is testament to its usefulness and robust quality still being in use over 20 years after purchase!

With that in mind we decided to launch our upgraded Coremus Damaged Screw Removal System as the IPSWICH Screw Removal System. Customers will be delighted to know that the new IPSWICH not only contains all the same instruments in the Coremus Damaged Screw Removal System but with the advantage of an extra tray of useful tools to help remove metalwork including additional sized drivers, corers and easyouts.

A reusable system that you can use for the next 20 years of metalwork removal!

We hope that you like our new offering and would encourage our customers, old and new, to book a demonstration and see it for yourself.

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