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Echo Orthopaedics sponsor cycling festival

Echo Orthopaedics are very happy to announce sponsorship of Eastbourne Cycling Festival.

We all know that regular exercise is good for us, so supporting a local charity event aimed at increasing awareness of cycling and its benefits to us and our environment is a great opportunity for Echo Orthopaedics. We look forward to watching the South Coast Classic Elite Road Race with its 2 x races, 160 Elite riders, 20 pro teams, 40 police outriders and thousands of supporters.

The women’s race is on Saturday 27th July and the men’s race is on Sunday 28th July!

Better get your hotel’s booked and your cow bells packed! This is going to be epic!

The festival is also host to British Cycling GO RIDE mass participation ride, the Penny Farthing open championships and the 2019 British Cycling regional youth championships.

Additional info can be found here:

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