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Coremus® Damaged Screw Removal

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Echo Orthopaedics have a comprehensive and unique set of tools to remove damaged screws and bolts.

Screws that are broken or have the head damaged can be challenging to remove, they may have been in situ for a long time and are often well fixed within the bone.

The image above shows the 2 of the instruments within our Coremus® damaged screw removal system. We supply a range of these instruments designed to remove damaged screws from 1.5mm up to 8.0mm (0.5mm increments).

Carbide drills and trephines are also included to cover other eventualities encountered when removing metalwork.

For the full list of what is available please refer to the downloads section of our website where we have the instructions for use/surgical techniques.

All manufactured in the UK - guaranteed quality.

If you want to a demonstration of how useful this kit is then please get in contact.

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